View Full Version : Parent's visa status pending while out of country

12-05-2011, 12:36 AM
I am on H4 and my husband is on H1B in USA. My parents appeared for their tourist visa interview at the New Delhi consulate on Dec 1 2011 and were told that their file will be put on pending for about 8 weeks. Since my parents were already planning to travel to Canada on 7 dec 2011 to visit my sister, they told the officer that they would need their passports to fly out of the country . The visa officer handed them their passports along with a pink slip that had a big cross in the "Documents Required" section. We have their case number, and the website mentions that their case is still pending based on that case number.

My question is :
Since they will be in Canada in Dec, is it possible that they send their passports via mail to the New Delhi consulate to get the visa stamped if their case status changes to "Send Passports"? Or, can they send their passports to the US embassy in Canada to get their visa stamped for the same?

Also, does anyone know why the embassy would need more time to process the visa if they didnt even ask for any additional documents?

Any advise on the above would be greatly appreciated.