View Full Version : Received 2nd RFE for H4 to H1B Transfer !

11-23-2011, 02:19 PM
Hi ,

My Employer has filled New H1B in OCT'11 in PP. in Nov 10th I received Second RFE From them.

RFE Details :

1 ) They are asking " Evaluation of my Education by a reliable Education Credentials Evaluation Services " who specializes in evaluating foreign credentials . Can anyone suggest from where I can have evaluation Report of my education ?

2) Specialty Occupation . USCIS has asked for W2 and copies of transcripts and degrees of individual employees of the company whom they hired with the same designation which they have offered me .

Is this really tricky ?? I have my Bachelor's degree from my Home Country. I highly doubt that any bachelor has the same designation which i have offered in the company (Most of them have master's ) .

I have 2 years of work experience to my home country but i doubt that my company attorney had not submitted my previous employment proofs .

Can someone please suggest me what to do in this case ?? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.