View Full Version : Difficulty In Getting A Visa.

11-17-2011, 03:04 AM
Hello! I was just a bit confused here what is it hard to get a US Visa than obtaining Asian Visa? What's with the US? Any differences?

03-05-2012, 08:55 AM
Last three months I am trying to get USA Visa! But I am facing to money problem, So Now what I should do for getting USA Visa? Thanks.

05-17-2012, 01:45 AM
Right now the condition of the economy is not that good in USA and they are also facing a high unemployment rate. As the elections are coming so the government is trying its level best to provide employment to Americans. As a result they are issuing less work visas to people from other countries.

07-21-2012, 01:39 AM
Right now there is a difficulty to get a working visa in America because of the high unemployment rate but the US government says that this will be solve in just a short a period of time.

07-21-2012, 03:12 AM
The Houston Rockets re-sign and return Lin Hao is no doubt the highest attention to one of the team the past two days Union. However, before you get Jeremy Lin, rocket Jiujiang in the invitation has suffered blow to the once known "black beans" Aaron - Brooks wear Tisa Snapbacks Hats (http://www.tisasnapbackshats.net/) has just rejected the rocket, select Sacramento Kings. Ring in the world - Bill Ingram claimed that Brooks's choice of the King The main reason is because he believes that the King is more than the Rockets into the playoffs.

2007 NBA Draft, the Rockets selected in the first round of 26 overall Brooks, the next three years, Brooks grow from an obscure little guard to the progress of the Alliance player. 2009-2010 season, he played in 82 games, averaging 19.6 points and 5.3 assists per game can get, the real core of the rocket team.

But on the season after Brooks heyday, he fell into injury trouble, During this period, the rocket to explore a potential of Kyle - Lori. Ultimately, Brooks, the Rockets sent to the Phoenix Suns. NBA encounter last year shut down period, Brooks chose to come to China CBA league play, and immediate concern with the Guangdong finals.

This summer, return to the United States, Brooks received an invitation to the old club rockets team, but Brooks did not choose to bid higher rocket, but joined the King. In this regard, people's minds was full of question marks.

"According to sources understand the specific situation, Brooks wear Tisa Snapbacks (http://www.tisasnapbackshats.net/) chose a lower bid King, because he believed that the king than the Rockets have the opportunity to make the playoffs." Reporter Ingram today, then untied doubts.

The past three seasons, the Rockets all the playoffs to their existing lineup next season to complete breakthrough is indeed some difficulty in the competitive west. For the Rockets, but compared to the current situation of the king is not ideal, they make the playoffs have to go back six years ago.

07-21-2012, 03:15 AM
"As" sites of Spain, local media reported, Los Angeles Lake star, is about to set off the ten members of the London Olympic dream - Kobe Bryant, heard his brother Paul - Gasol wear soccer shoes (http://www.soccershoesfan.com/) to become Spain's standard-bearer, expressed as proud, adding that hope Gasol still in his side next season's campaign in the NBA.

"I'm proud for him to get this honor is very great for the basketball tournament, he loves his own country, but always full of passion when he played the game, he will host on behalf of the glory of their country. "Kobe Bryant wear Nike Soccer Cleats (http://www.soccershoesfan.com/) interview in Barcelona said.

A few days later, the American dream would rise to ten one of the biggest rival to the London Olympics in a warm-up match Spain for warm-up match, Bryant wear adidas soccer Cleats (http://www.soccershoesfan.com/) said Gasol as his "brothers", so as to face him would be a huge challenge.

In serious Bryant, Gasol wear Adidas F50 AdiZero TRX FG (http://www.soccershoesfan.com/adidas-f50-adizero-trx-fg-c-9.html) is "a very talented player, full of wisdom, the game played very well," For this reason Spain to the U.S. team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games gold medal "the greatest threat. "

Gasol's performance in the national team, even Kobe Bryant think can not accompanied by the Spanish pillar in the NBA, he hoped that next season, Gasol wear Adidas AdiPower Predator (http://www.soccershoesfan.com/adidas-adipower-predator-c-3.html) still able to stay in their own side. "I do not want to let him go anywhere. I hope he can be at my side. We've won many championships, I hope to do so. Lakers players and coaches are aware of his importance," he said.

20 years ago, the first Dream Team in the Olympic arena, they swept all opponents, swept through the eyes of the world. They are the real king of the world at the time, two years later, the same excellent dream 10 have the opportunity to reproduce that dazzling starlight. However, in recent years, a lot of good players in Europe, landing NBA, and has a place here, and their importance to recognize the dream team no less of their existence, even arrogant Kobe wear Nike Total 90 Laser (http://www.soccershoesfan.com/nike-total-90-laser-c-24.html) also acknowledged.

"To set up a real dream team, other players must be integration, because a lot of great players are not Americans, but they are still the world's best. If you want to set up a real dream team, team must Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol such a player. "

However, all U.S. players are able to catch up and surpass the older generation, Kobe wear Nike CTR360 Maestri (http://www.soccershoesfan.com/nike-ctr360-maestri-c-14.html) is also true. "I have a lot of desire. I've been waiting for this opportunity, this will be very interesting," he admitted. "I dreamed of with gold, this is the goal of our struggle. This is a big challenge."

07-21-2012, 03:21 AM
According to ESPN reports, Lin Hao, the Houston Rockets successfully lure them away, this incident caused uproar in the league. However, many people are standing side speak LinShuHao. ESPN experts JA Adande wrote that the rocket but is more suitable for Jeremy Lin's team. New York needs to Jeremy Lin, much larger than Jeremy Lin wear Mercurial Vapor Viii (http://www.mercurialvaporviii.net/) need New York.

Jeremy Lin's story of the final chapter, the final evolution of the story into a New York Knicks, and we have forgotten one of the most fundamental problem: the usefulness of this move on Jeremy Lin? The answer is, of course, useful, and very useful. Jeremy Lin wear Nike Mercurial Vapor Viii (http://www.mercurialvaporviii.net/) is one willing to pay for his three-year, $ 25.1 million teams play the same team had cut him. His last season, the annual salary of 800,000 not to, his annual salary the next two years will be turned six times the annual salary of three years and even turned 18 times.

The New Yorker trying to make you believe, not in the MSG play, Jeremy Lin wear Mercurial Vapor 8 (http://www.mercurialvaporviii.net/) of the market value will shrink. Playing in New York really makes "crazy forest" into a phenomenon, which is no doubt. 2003 - Murray, Ronald has a record in the first 11 games of the season, 10 games scoring 20 + feat, but his thunder but can not match Jeremy Lin because his stay in Seattle. Jeremy Lin Sheng, thunder so his next to where the attention, and even once the Dwight - Howard dwarfs. The local television ratings highs.

Play in New York, does not make you automatically enter the ranks of the world's top millionaire. Forbes recently released the world's top 25 highest-paid athletes have in common? The answer is: they do not have one in New York. At this stage, the demand for New York, Jeremy Lin, in fact, much larger than Jeremy Lin wear Nike Mercurial Vapor Viii ag (http://www.mercurialvaporviii.net/nike-mercurial-vapor-viii-ag-c-1.html) demand for New York. Fans can be found in the rocket Jeremy Lin, like when they, year after year Yao Ming selected into the All-Star. Speaking of Yao, has to use his and China has established a very good sponsor contact and brand awareness, and this is Jeremy Lin to direct borrowing.

New Yorker in the subconscious that New York is not to leave. They can not accept the fact that others left New York but living more chic. They may not have a genuine acceptance - Pat Riley wear Nike Mercurial Vapor Viii fg (http://www.mercurialvaporviii.net/nike-mercurial-vapor-viii-fg-c-2.html) after leaving New York, Miami Heat got two championship rings. Moreover, Riley at least went to the charming Florida, and Houston? Which head the New York people will go to Houston?

Now, there is a problem is the Knicks better than the Rockets - the Knicks' lineup better. But the problem is for Jeremy Lin, rocket, it is a good thing. LinShuHao wear Nike Mercurial Vapor Viii ic (http://www.mercurialvaporviii.net/nike-mercurial-vapor-viii-ic-c-3.html) outbreak produced in the context of the Knicks two stars were injured, when the Knicks have nothing to worry about. Now, the rocket is the same, only Kevin - Martin, there are a bunch of rookie; Knicks Carmelo - Carmelo Anthony, Amare - Amare Stoudemire and JR-Smith. Jeremy Lin wear Nike Mercurial Vapor Viii tf (http://www.mercurialvaporviii.net/nike-mercurial-vapor-viii-tf-c-4.html) burst most Biao, in February this year, when he averaged pay out 20.9 points, shooting 47 percent, when Anthony and Amare Stoudemire back, his farm in March, averaging only 14.6 points, hit rate of 41 %.