View Full Version : L1 to H1 Visa conversion - Last Action rule

11-04-2011, 01:45 PM
I am on L1 Extension for Company A and I left USA on 10/3/2011. Also there was a petition filed for L1 to H1 conversion by same Company A. I went to L1 Extension Visa stamping on 11/2/2011 and it was approved.

Meanwhile, I have got my L1 to H1 'Change of Status' (COS) also approved from 10/27/2011 till 05/13/2014.

Now am I on L1 or H1? I want to travel on 11/14/2011 and will I have any questions at port of entry?

As per last action rule, what is my Visa staus? I have checked with my company and they told me that as I was not physically present in US during the 'Change of Status' (COS), I am still on L1. And also, during the stamping, they approved the L1 visa, so it is not cancelled. Is it true?

I dont want to make big journey and get issues at the port of entry. Please help!