View Full Version : Having trouble with my immigration attorney attemping to file PERM twice...

11-04-2011, 03:18 AM
PERM was filed for me last year but it was denied due to my immigration attorney's mistake. She admitted the mistake and agreed to take care of all the expenses for the second filing of PERM. Since she was going to arrange the newspaper ads with the local newspaper companies and pay for the ads, my company provided the content of the newspaper ads.

However, we noticed that her response to emails was getting slower and slower taking 2-3 weeks to reply to a simple question. I was the person that signed the PERM contract with the attorney in the beginning (i.e. I hired her with my employer's permission) since I did not know at the time that PERM should be entirely taken care of by the employer.

I recently sent her an email asking her about the status of the newspaper ad, and she's taking a long time to respond to the email again. I'm already upset at the fact that she screwed up my PERM filing last year and my employer and I are going through this all over again and she's making it worse with her slow responses.

Here are my questions:

1. Is it legal for lawyers to arrange newspaper ads using their own expense? (I was under the impression that they cannot be involved in the recruitment process) If not, can my employer possibly get audited for the proof of payment for the newspaper ad?

2. Do I have the right to ask for the full refund for PERM since she screwed it up the first time and I'm not satisfied with her service (slow email responses)?

3. Since I was the one to sign the PERM contract paper with the lawyer, can my employer do anything to get their money back from this lawyer so they can start the PERM process with another lawyer?

4. Would you suggest that my employer or I file a complaint to the bar association or should we just wait and let her take care of PERM?

Thanks in advance. I'd really appreciate your inputs.