View Full Version : Get Experience letter from previous Desi Consulting company.

04-28-2009, 01:19 PM
Hello Folks

I have seen so many folks post message that they need exp letter from previous company and company is not giving. Will letter from Co-worker works or not.. etc..

Here is my story.

I worked for Desi company for 6 months. I had contract with them for 12 months but irregulatiry in pay and no health insurance ( after having a baby even ) still deducting for insurance. I left them. They denied me to give exp letter for my I 140 filling. I managed to get from my Co- Worker and it worked. I got I 140 approved.

Old company was very rude when I asked for letter. They did send a letter but it was very Bad recomendation. Now some one told me that environment is not good for them so I re send email. Even I dont need it now but will keep for future H1b stamping or GC interview..

They replied me with in a week and agree to send letter. This change must be from recent DOL and USCIS RFE's . I recomend all who needs such letter from employer this is right time.