View Full Version : In the midst of GC and H1 .. urgent pls

03-31-2009, 07:05 PM
This is with regard to GC and h1
I have applied for family based GC above 21 yrs old on December 2006 and also currently holding h1 valid from October 2008. I also have my opt till May. Now since my employer was not able to find me a project he wants me to chg my status. I do not know what to do and how to chg my visa as, if I go on student visa I need to show financial documents and since I have not made any money how is it possible . If you can also suggest some schools who will not charge much or some courses which are not very expensive and time consuming and also where I can get work authorization as I will find jobs which are not technical and in line with my educational and work qualification . I have a deadline this evening as my employer just called me and told me this