View Full Version : Iraq is no different. Let’s look at world history.

09-22-2011, 07:48 AM
History is the single largest indicator we can observe to forecast future successful results. Companies perform it on a daily basis in their usual way of business when assessing individuals for car loans (employment history, credit history and history of paying bills on time), home loans, and business credit. Investment advisors also take a look at a collection of historical items to judge their investment suggestions. These consist of history or track record of the company’s leaders on how they perform revenue and earnings. On an extra macro level economic numbers of growth or slowing go into the mix to help make a clearer picture for the future. So if you want to know the Iraqi Dinar (http://www.tampadinar.com), then look at the history. Iraqi is also facing the situations like these.
World War II – End of WW2 came in 1945. Sixty million (60,000,000) people lost their lives and most of Europe & Asia laid in ruins
Vietnam – 1965 – 1973 – 1965 is when the United States sent armed forces into Vietnam
Korean War – 1950 to 1953
Operation Iraqi Freedom – March 2003 to Present