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09-11-2011, 02:54 PM

My employer (Employer C) is initiating my PERM (GC) process. Please find the details below.

Job requirement: Maters + (2 – 7) years of experience
My education qualifications: Masters degree (Aug 2005 – Dec 2006)
Bachelors degree (May 2001 – June 2005)

My experience: Employer A – 1 year (Nov 2003 – Dec 2004)
Employer B – 1 year (May 2007 – Apr 2008)
Employer C – 3 years (May 2008 – Current)

As Employer C is applying for my GC, I cannot use 3 years of the experience I have at this employer (as the position and job responsibilities are same). So I am left with 2 years of experience which I have to prove in order to qualify for this PERM/GC process.

Question: As you can see from above details, when I was working at Employer A, I was also studying my Bachelors degree. I was working at Employer A as a full time employee.
Can I use this 1 year of experience at Employer A towards my GC? Will there be any RFI’s saying ‘how I was working full time and also pursuing Bachelors’ or any other questions which may be raised by USCIS?

Highly appreciate your time and help!
Kind regards

12-01-2011, 02:22 AM
You cannot use your experience with employer A. Only valid experience is that which is gained AFTER you have gotten your Bachelor's degree. Experience before your bachelors is NOT considered professional experience.