View Full Version : pending review and final decision stage EB3->EB2

03-02-2009, 08:36 PM
I have 2 I-140s

EB3 10/10/2003
EB2 07/06/2006

Trying to use my EB3 date in the EB2 category

Just spoke to an IO at TSC, She told me that the case is at a place what they call "Pending Review and final decision"

I asked her whats the next step after this?
IO : Hope fully will be assigne to some one

I Asked, isn't this the place where all the cases are "Pending Review and Final decision"?
IO: a big NO...no no..this is not the place where all the cases are, I can't provide anymore info then this, I was just being nice because you called at 3:30 pm.

Any body who has thier case in the pool of "Pending review and final decision".

Honestly, I think its just a general status that she told me about my 485 case.