View Full Version : I140 REF response time (premium processing)

09-06-2011, 12:54 PM
I applied for I 140 with premium processing. USCIS has put an RFE to my application and my lawyer responded back about 2 weeks ago.

Does anyone know what's the stipulated time frame within which USCIS has to process the RFE response, if the application was filed under premium processing?

Thanks, gurus!

09-06-2011, 03:35 PM
If your application is still treated under premium processing, then once they have received the response they would resume processing and take the same 15 days to decide. Check the status online, I know I have been in this state, USCIS does not update status of I140 properly. If you are lucky they might have already updated the status saying they received response and case processing resumed.

Alternatively you can have your employer or attorney send a status inquiry via e-mail. Since it is a premium processing they respond to e-mails. FYI, you cannot send e-mail and they will respond that you as a beneficiary they cannot discuss the employer's application.

Make sure to have them inquire at the right processing center.

NSC: NSC-Premium.140@dhs.gov
TSC: TSC-Premium.140@dhs.gov

Or call 1-866-315-5718 with your receipt number. This number is only for Premium processing.

Good luck