View Full Version : H1 approval without I94 - what are my options?

09-04-2011, 10:31 PM
Hi Everybody,

I am on H1, I was unemployed for a month and after finding a new job my new employer filed a visa almost a month and it got approved but with no I94.
But my previous employer petition is valid till Feb 2013.

I am lil confused if i have to go back to home country for stamping with all the dependents. Basically i will put my questions into below points:

1. Do i really have to get my visa re-stamped or is it just the matter of getting i94 while i re-enter US.

2. In either case do i really have to go to Home country(India) or can i get it done from Canada or Bahamas?

Really appreciate your help and assistance.


3. Do the dependents have to be with me or can they stay in US.