View Full Version : Flower campaign this week (1st of many)

02-22-2009, 04:04 PM
It's true that Obama is focusing on the economy now, but if we do a massive flower campaign now it will get us press and attention and "loosen" things up, then we can go for a second even bigger flower campaign in the spring and in the summer when the previous flower campaign will still be alive in the public's memory. That way people will say "wait, legals? that's different than illegals, and it sounds serious"

We need to get ourselves noticed! The illegals had Obama on the Hispanic radio show with "Piolin Sotelo" last week. Why aren't we doing anything? We are not cowards, are we? The illegals can but we legals can't?

Let's not stop with the flowers until we're heard. We send this week, then in a couple of months and so forth until they fix the injustice we're in

I'll send the first bouquet of flowers to USCIS or DOL or the WHite House if I can get 10 volunteers to send with me. Who's with me? Let's send them this week. Who's in?