View Full Version : Reentry permit questions

08-31-2011, 11:13 AM
I recently received my greencard but am currently working abroad - i envision it for at least a couple of years. I have a home in NJ that I have rented out and use my brother-in-law's place in NJ as my permanent address. I am planning to apply for a reentry permit that will let me stay abroad without any issues for at least 2 years. Since you have to be in the US physically to file the Reentry permit and the biomentric appointment, I was hoping you can shed some light on these questions. I am basically trying to get this done in the minimum number of trips possible as it is quite painful and expensive to travel for a fingerprinting appointment in the US.

1). Is it better to file the Reentry permit as a papercopy or online?
2). After how long do you receive your reciept notice if paper-filed? Can you take that notice to a USCIS center and request them to take your biometrics so that you don't have to make another trip?
3). Is a biometric appointment a given or there is a chance that you will get the permit without having to give biometrics?
4). How long after filing the form is the biometric appointment scheduled? How many times can you reschedule this appointment and once rescheduled, what is usually the timeframe in which you will receive the rescheduled date?

Thanks much in advance.