View Full Version : Help Needed - Extension with less than one year on PERM

01-27-2009, 04:05 PM
Hi All,

After reading some interesting situations (believe me there are a LOT) here, I still find mine as a unique and interesting situation. Please help me decipher this mess.

I have completed my 6 years of H-1B on 01-JAN-2009 and my PERM was applied on 16-JUL-2008. So, with less than a year being on my PERM, my company advised me to "work from home town" in India so that they can recapture my "out of US days" and apply for H-1B extensions until 16-JUL-2009, at what point I'll be eligible for 1 year full extensions. As painful as this process is, my company decided to support me during this period when I have to literally apply for 3 H-1B premiums and take 2 trips to India and 3 visits to the US consulate.

I thought I had all of this figured out and am currently working from India, scheduled to come back to the States in Mar 2009.

All of a sudden, my company wants me to be in US during Feb 2009 and are again willing to help me out with any other alternative work visa (L-1 or B-1, not even sure what alternatives I have).

My question - is there any way for me to shuttle between H-1B extensions, PERM and this alternate work visa? Bottomline is that I've to be in US on some work visa starting Feb 2009.

Thanks in advance for your help and more importantly trying to understand my scenario...It freaks me out how complicated they have made the system with such outdated regulations.