View Full Version : Future GC and AC21

01-26-2009, 01:00 AM
I am tired of this GC process like u all are. the following is my situation.

Currently on H1B and 140 cleared with company B, no 485 applied missed the boat during the VISA bulletin fiasco(USCIS money making scam)
i have a future GC with COMPANY A, 485 applied, i have EAD/AP also.
i am tired of my current job, too much exploitation, i want to change, so my question is can i just take some other permanent employment using this EAD/AP
My question is as this future GC with COMPANY A and i have never worked for this company A. can i do a AC21 and move on ?
does AC21 apply future GC. ?

Appreciate any thoughts in this matter