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01-13-2009, 04:10 PM
Hey -- I just saw the CNN headline about Bush bashing on IReport and I thought why don't we do the same about USCIS/DoS on IReport in large numbers. Some of us have done sporadically to highlight our plight on IReport and it gets hidden behind the masses but if each of us, take our time, plan the content, and target a 2-3 minute message with an end saying 'if you relate to our plight, please join our march in DC' giving the rally dates in DC.

As part of this, I think we all should include something like 'barring once a year attention during the visa season, most national channels such as CNN and Fox are nonchalant about a growing problem for most legal immigrants and little attention is paid to us by both the govt and its media'.

If there are a few 1000 of these, its gotta grab attention. Use their media to promote. This may act well to promote the rally and use CNN as a billboard. For those who can use video do, for others use your cellphone to record your own call, put it on PC. I am sure there are tons of audio recording software outthere.

I am sorry I cannot attend the rally as I leave to India for a couple of months to research 'R2I' stuff but I just want to throw it out and see if it sticks :-)