View Full Version : URGENT - L2 to H1 Applied but need to Retain L2 status now.

08-10-2011, 03:05 PM

I am currently working for Employer A on L2 EAD.
My Employer A applied H1B for me in June 2011 End.It is under Initial review status as of August 2011.

I do not want to change my status from L2 EAD to H1 now because of personal reasons.My L2 EAD is valid till 2012 end. My Employer A is not withdrawing my petition at this stage now.

1) If my H1 petition gets approved, H1 will be valid from 1st Oct 2011. If i change/resign my current Employer before October 2011 on current L2 EAD status, will my H1 application get cancelled automatically?

2) Say my H1 gets approved in Sept 2011 from USCIS, my legal status wil only change from L2 to H1 on 1st Oct 2011.
I resign Employer A and join a new Employer B in Sept 2011 on my L2 EAD.
Can my current Employer A withdraw/cancel my H1 petition even after it has been approved by USCIS in this case and in this way can i retain my L2 EAD status ?

I want to retain my L2 EAD status. Please suggest all possible ways for this.

Thanks so much.

Somebody please Help!!!