View Full Version : F1 to H4 conversion

07-25-2011, 03:14 PM
Hi everyone, I am an F1 student studying here for about 4 years. My wife has been an H1 visa holder throughout. I am now thinking of dropping out of school. I will eventually apply for an H1 visa as I have some job offers but I want to wait till I've finished all my interviews which could take another month. The problem is that fall semester starts Aug 22nd at which point I will be out of status if I dont register.

My question is, would it be ok for me to wait till perhaps the second week of August to apply for H1? Or is that too risky as I might go out of status?

Alternatively, I could apply for a change of status to H4 right now. But that would mean my H1 application will conflict with the H4 application. Is that a potential problem for my future employer?

I'll appreciate a quick response. Thanks!