View Full Version : H4 Extension - I94 Expired

06-21-2011, 01:08 PM
My employer told me that I have to apply for my wife's H4 Extension after I receive my H1B approval. Because of which I have not applied for H4 extension as I do not have my H1B approval yet. My wife's I 94 expired and it already passed 60 days.

I came to know that I can apply for H4 extension using the receipt notice of my H1B extension. I am submitting H4 extension today and would like to know if I need to send it to California service center(where my H1B extension submitted) or Dallas Lock Box?

My friend was in similar situation but he submitted H4 extension of his wife after his H1B approval after 30 days of his wife's I94 expiration date. He submitted to California service center even though according USCIS it was supposed to be sent to Dallas Lockbox and he got the approval. Does anyone know if it is good to send to California service center or Dallas Lockbox ? I just want to make sure there is no record of lot of denials at Dallas Lockbox.