View Full Version : H1-B Transfer vs EAD

11-18-2008, 01:42 PM
Hi gurus,

I need your help on this. Please help me out in taking a big step here. I got laid off from my job.

I have approved Labour(generic job description), Approved I-140 Jan 07, I-485 Pending status since Aug 07, Approved EAD and renewed Oct 08, Approved AP 08.

Got my last pay check from Employer A(Big Corp) who applied my GC on Nov 15 08. Got a job with Employer B(Big Corp) and higher Job Title starting Nov 17 08. Now the question is

1. What is the good option here, to go on with H1-B transfer or work on EAD. My employer is willing to take on EAD.
2. If I apply my H1-B transfer, do I have to touch any part of the GC part such as reapplying I-140 with new employer, I-485 etc.
3. If I go on EAD, what are the chances of failing in GC with I-140 Approved for more than a Year.
4. Do I need to apply for AC21 portablility, I hear many denials. However my employer A said that he will not revoke my I-140 and AC21 is not mandatory. I am thinking of not applying for now and wait if some thing happens. What are my chances.
5. My wife is on EAD now, is it a good idea to apply H1-B for her in the next quota. What would be the issues with her.

Please help me out here, I m very confused. How i should handle my case. Thank you for reading my case. I appreciate your help very much.

Have a Wonderful Day.