View Full Version : Job Transfer after I-140 Approved, after H1B 6th Year

06-17-2011, 08:31 PM

I understand that if you want to change jobs with your 6th Year on H1B with the I-140 approved, you need to apply for a H1B Transfer. I also understand that the new employer has to do the PERM & I-140 again. I understand that the new employer has to apply for the H1B transfer before you join.

Question: When does the new employer HAVE TO start the PERM & I-140 process? By “when” I mean what is the latest/longest time a new employer can delay starting the PERM & I-140?

Lets say I have two years on my 3 year H1B extension (since my I-140 has been approved). I then change jobs. The new employer applies for the H1B transfer right away, but starts the PERM only after I have completed a year. Is this OK? Can the new employer wait a year and a half to start the PERM?? Just checking.

Thanks to all you guys for your help,