View Full Version : Changing jobs in <180 days after I485

05-14-2011, 06:16 PM
Here is a possible scenario I might run into next year after I change employers this month and restart my GC process.

Assuming the following:

1) I have approved I-140 with new employer by Sep 2012 and I am able to port my old PD
2) My PD is Nov1 2007 under EB2. PD becomes current in Sept 2012 and I apply for I-485
3) My employment contract gets over in Nov 2012 and I have to change jobs

What happens then.

1) Will I need to change jobs based on approved I-140 ?
2) Will I be able to keep the I-485 application going ?
3) If the I-485 adjudication occurs while I am at new job and it hasn't been 180 since I filed for I485 what happens ?
4) What happens if PD retrogress in October 2012 ?