View Full Version : H4 to H1-b visa conversion

05-14-2011, 07:16 AM
I got my H1-B visa on June 29, 2005 , I came to india on Jan 2009 . From Jan 2009 till now I have been staying in India , bcoz I was taking care of my new born daughter, now she is grown up and now I am planning to start working in US. Right now I got my H4 visa .

I came to know from someone that H1-B filing for this year was over in Jan 2011, so if I need to file a new H1-b , I have to file now and I will be eligible to work after Oct 1 this year. Is it true ? Is it not possible that a company files for a new H1-B under premium processing and I start working after 2 weeks of filing ? I don't want to wait that long(Oct 1) to work , I have few oppurinities coming up where I may get selected.

I have stayed in india from Jan 2009 till APril 2011. Now I am on H4 visa in US. Can I get a extension of my previous H1-B visa filed on June 2005?
I want to work ASAP.