View Full Version : I-485 pending, Advanced education options

09-26-2008, 12:15 PM
Ok for a long time I have been thinking about getting enrolled in a Phd program and this year I was hoping I get a chance to chase my dream after having the GC... well it did not work the way I thought/planed and now I want to weigh my options.

here are my details:

EB2 I with PD Sep 2005
Primary Applicant
currently on H1B
I 140 approved early 2006
Approved EAD (till Oct 2010)
Approved AP

So my questions is:

Is there a way I can join a univ as full time research student?
Can I take a leave of absense (ofcourse w/o pay) from my current job to join as a student?

If anyone knows anything about this kind of situation I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks for everyone in advance...