View Full Version : "unauthorized" work on OPT

05-05-2011, 11:36 PM

I would like to ask a Lawyer about my case and possible issues in the future.

During my last 2 years of college I started to work (july 06) in campus for a private companyA that manages the food services. Once I graduated (Dec 08) I kept working for this companyA and received my OPT on Feb 09, then I reported as required to my school that I was working in CompanyA, even that it is not directly in my field of studies. I continued for the whole year while trying to get a job in my field. I finally got a position for a very small CompanyB on Jan 10, filled proper papers with school and got my OPT extension. Since the CompanyB was trying to grow, I only got a part time with them and I continued working for CompanyA, but I was never asked by my school if I actually resigned from CompanyA. CompanyB had some money issues and had to lay off several employees including me on June10, so I continued working for CompanyA and I still as today. My OPT ext will expire on June11 and I might get a position for CompanyC which is willing to sponsor me an H1b visa.

My question is: Since I never resigend from CompanyA, which is not directly in my field, will affect me in the future?

I did all my taxes as required.

Thanks for your time!