View Full Version : COS from H1 to B2 Approved but confusion on validity dates

04-05-2011, 05:23 PM
I had been in H-1B status and was laid off. My H-1B was withdrawn by my company on 12/31/2010. I applied for COS to B2 and received the USCIS receipt notice on Dec 17th, a few days before my H-1B was withdrawn.

Later on Feb 2nd, 2011, I received the approval notice from USCIS for B2 valid from 02/02/2011 to 04/29/2011(I had informed in my application that this would be my date of departure.) My question is: What status would I be from the date my H-1B was withdrawn till the B2 validity start date?

Forum members, please clarify.