View Full Version : Don't be a Drop-out, I-We need you!

03-25-2011, 05:12 PM
Hey folks who signed up for advocacy days: I am so proud of you! You signed up for the good of all of us. I heard some of you are not confirming your participation. This cannot be an option at this point!

After all the effort IV has put in in securing the appointments, I, V, We all are counting on you. You had the best intentions when you signed up and we appreciate that, now we need you to finish grad school without being a drop out.

Many hundreds of hours have gone into organizing this event and not having folks at a meeting that has been confirmed is bad PR for IV and disappointing, sad and frustrating for the people who have been working tirelessly. Can't have it, can't tolerate it. You guys must follow through on your commitment!!!!

PM me if you have some pressing issue and maybe we can muster up some help to pull you through..