View Full Version : Campaign to Clear pending I140s

07-24-2008, 11:06 AM

Can Team-IV go to USCIS as a group to ask them to clear the I140s pending quickly. This way, we can ask CIS to follow the FIFO rule.

If they can clear 100+K I129s in 6 months, Why can't they do the same for I140s??. I think there are about
135K pending I140s in CIS (Source immigration-law.com).

That would equate to 340K I485s pending. Even if I consider 10% as duplicates(No Source, just estimate), we will still get about 300K I1485s in the processing queue. This way, everybody will know which category is backlogged and plan accordingly.

As an Individual, we also will have one of the stage completed and be eligible for longer extension of stay etc.

Any suggestions???

07-24-2008, 01:12 PM
IV..i140 is such a black hole that people are indiscriminately (or discriminated and ) stuck there...there is no order in processing..people who filed in 2008 are getting approvals whereas people who filed in July-2007 have not even had their fingerprints taken..

I had a petition going a few months back, it was sent in with about 100 signatures, I can send a text of the petition if IV wants to use this and talk to CIS.

The petition was sent to Ombudsman, Sen Lofgren and USCIS Director..

Please help..because many many people with current PD will lose their chances, they need to speed things up now - like they did during June last year..why can't they bring the same momentum..??

It used to take 2-4 months for I140 in 2006/early 2007 - even if they received double the number of cases, its been over 1 year plus...and so many people don't even have LUD..this is a grave concern and if IV can do something about it, it will be appreciated by the MASSES - because this help will go a lonnng way - longer than even the reforms - which - until the new government comes in are meaningless....