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06-23-2008, 11:45 AM
This thought occured to me this morning and wanted to bounce off. Feel free to trash it if it is not practical.

I have seen somewhat lukewarm response to Fund raising and I feel there is potential to multiply the effect.

If there is a way for IV to match up clients and IV members for part time efforts and the revenue going to IV, I think it will have bigger impact in terms of fund generation.

How it can work?

Assuming core team and extended leadership team at IV has networked into the Industry, it can get pieces of work carved out. These deliverables are those that can be collaborated on, worked on remotely.

These need not be necassarily in IT. It could be in advertising, acocuonting, graphic designing etc.

IV will seek volunteers interested in participating in this initiative and build skills database and try matching up with the services required.

All the revenue from such services will go to IV.

For IVians who volunteer, besides satisfaction of contributing to the cause, industry networking is a nice offshoot.

This may be my opinion, but volunteering is easy if it is something you do as your second nature.

I have seen few non-profit organizations provide services for a fee. I am not sure what restrictions are placed on IV from a taxation point of view. But over time, the fund raising wing of IV could be delivering on some niche solutions. I am sure some sympathetic corporations would be supporting by providing work.

06-23-2008, 12:53 PM
I agree , We have a lot of Professionals among us and such activities will certainly help.

Some of our members are very experienced in for ex: EAD questions, AC21 questions etc. We can build a skill DB and advertise these services at a much lower rates, Only hitch would be since we are not really Lawyers we may not be too accurate

Any thoughts

06-23-2008, 01:50 PM
Those who are on h1 cannot do that as IV is not employer for H1b.

Who are on EAD and above line can do it.

Its my thought.