View Full Version : JOB Porting on EAD from programmer analyst to lead architect

02-20-2011, 02:10 PM
I am already working on EAD. I have got an employment offer from a big fortune 500 firm as a lead technical analyst. The offer is too good to miss. I am trying to understand in my job will be "same or similar" while my job responsibility was "programmer analyst" in labor certificate and i would get a job as lead architect. Following are some more details about may labor doc.

a) Though my job title is like programmer analyst, my SOC job code is given as 17-2071.00 which is "Electrical Engineer"
I was never an electrical engineer (not even by my education). I do not know why the original filer used such a SOC code. Now my new role (lead technical architect) will have a SOC code as 15-1031 as that is for computer architect.
Morever my new employer will not provide me a Ac21 portability matching my labor cert.
My role responsibility is following as per labor cert.

Job Title: Programmer/ Analyst/Systems, Software/Engineer/Developer, or Related to IT
develop, create and modify general computer application software. Analysis user needs and design, develop software solutions. Design, develop, analyse and implement software and end user product. Coordinate various account projects with IT consultants; nurture close relationship with the major account customers by providing quality technical support and apply principles of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis.

Do you feel that changing the job as lead architect willl be a paradigm shift for me causing my GC gone denied?

Thankis in advance.