View Full Version : I-140 Transfer Delimma

06-05-2008, 05:57 PM

I filed my I-140 at NSC, but when I check case status online it says my I-140 was transfered to another Service center. It does not say which Service center though. My lawyer says he got all his mails form CSC, which means my I-140 is pending at CSC. Also my case number starts with WAC-XXX-XXXX, which also suggests that my case is pending at CSC. However, I am not convinced if this is correct because CSC does not publish processing times for I-140. Also, recently when I filed AR-11 for an address change I got an email from USCIS with the address of TSC on it. I would like to know if anyone is in the same boat and knows which service center there case is. I will appreciate your feedback.