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01-29-2011, 09:33 PM
Hello Guys

These forum is great

I have a question. I have a student visa now from last 4 years and before these student visa I started a small business in India. i didnt expected it to grow much but now it has grown. I have used money from that business for my 2nd MS which is not completed yet

Here is the problem
I am getting married in May. Till May I can stay here legally but than once I leave and get married I want to come with my Wife. So I have 3 options

She apply alone for visitor visa ( chances are less for these)
She come as dependent ( I dont have any income here or any source of income from college)
I leave my student visa and we both apply for visitor visa. These option has a lot of risk but its the best I am thinking as I am not interested in going to college anymore

What you think which route I should take?

01-29-2011, 09:42 PM
I'll give you a honest answer. Consult an attorney and find a fool proof step, if there is one. Although, I'm inclined to say, stay F1 and bring her as F4. You need much more than that.

It is a big step in life, Congratulations! Whatever you do, immigration is the last thing that must be on your mind on the best day of life!