View Full Version : Summer is here...lets increase IV memmbership to 100k

04-07-2008, 05:44 PM
Ok, winter is winding up and summer is here..:):)

There is going to be lots of Indian cultural festivals/Independence day celebrations etc, etc... many opportunities to meet many EB immigrants in these festivals....I have lived in Texas and easily 10k people go to Anand Bazaar (India’s Independence day celebrations)

If all the State chapters co-ordinate a membership campaign, it will be a great success...We should aim at 100k count by this fall..

CAN WE DO IT, let me hear a big YESSSSS ?

We have to come out with a nice one page IV brochure, probably printed in a press in recycled paper (cheaper/good for environment) and circulate in all these functions /festivals. The brochure should explain who we are/what we do/what we have achieved so far(lot), and how EB immigrants will get immense benefit from our forums etc etc...

Are you all ready ?