View Full Version : My (+ve) experience using AP at CLT- Dec 31

01-03-2011, 04:42 PM
TL;DR version: Smooth sailing. No issues. :D

I have avoided leaving the county for 4 years+ as I have read horror stories about returning on AP. Wanted to post this for those apprehensive like I was.

My wife and I live in New Jersey and went on a week's vacation in the Caribbean. I returned on the 31st and my connecting flight was thru CLT (Charlotte, NC). We had only 90 minutes to our connecting flight and were skeptical that we would make it through in time. Were luckily the first ones in the primary inspection (we were the only non-citizens on the flight) . The primary inspector seemed to have seen an AP for the first time coz he kept asking where our Visa was. He then referred us to secondary inspection, where again we were the only ones to report there. The officer there was really friendly and said "We'll have you on your way as soon as your papers arrive here". He then went out of his way to fetch the papers from the primary officer (instead of waiting for someone to bring them) and had us on our way in 15 minutes. Total time spent in immigration about 30 minutes.

Other facts: I am the derivative applicant on my EAD working for a small desi company. No questions at secondary inspection. My wife works for a big consulting firm.

Happy New Year all. I am gonna make more oversees trip now and stop worrying about the damn long wait for a GC.