View Full Version : H1B approved, but Have not started on the Job

12-24-2010, 03:14 AM
My H1B was approved with a start date of 12th Dec 2010. However, the paperwork for the position has not been completed as yet by the HR of my employer and now they tell me that the start date of my position will be around the middle of Jan 2011.

This means that I will not get paid till the actual start of my position. So what is my legal status right now.

I have been told that on a H1B visa, If I am not working and getting paid for the position I was approved for, I am illegal.

Please advise me as I still have time to convey the issues to get the paperwork done right. What happens if my H1B start date is the 12th of Jan and my job paperwork shows position and pay from the 15th of Jan?