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03-20-2008, 11:28 AM
Hello All:

We got our FP done yesterday at the Atlanta ASC and thought I would share the experience and procedures incase anyone was interested or looking for this info.

Received FP notice on 3/5/08 for FP appointment on 3/19/08 11:00am at 1255 Collier Road, Atlanta, GA 30318.

We reached the ASC on time. At the door the security guard checks the FP notice and verifies your identity with either a Passport, GC or DL. We only showed our DL and it was fine. NO BAGS and NO CELLPHONES allowed. Was asked to leave my wife's bag in the car. Also, they will not allow ANYONE except the person with appointment in the office. I saw spouses who didnt have appointment waiting outside.

You then go into the office (which is basically a BIG room) with seats and fingerprint stations and the FP notice and ID was checked again and given a form to fill out. Simple form, nothing different. All the information needed on the form (A#, Receipt No.) is on your FP notice. You fill out the form, return it and get a ticket to wait in line. The receptionist also Stamped the FP Notice at this point. We saw approx 80 people all with the same appointment time.

When your number is called or shows up on the counter, they look at your documents again and took us to a FP station. FP Notice was scanned in and was asked to verify the spelling of my name and Address. Then they took FP of all 10 fingers, then again of Index Finger (both hands) and the again of both Thumbs. He saw the FP on the monitor and retook some of the FP again. After that, Picture was taken. The FP Technician then signed the FP notice on the stamp given earlier.

The entire process from before entering to exiting took about 1.5 hours. I would recommend you take a book or magazine to pass some time.

Sorry for the long post but just thought someone might be looking for this information. I am not aware if any of this information for the other centers.

Then when you no., is called.