View Full Version : Urgent - Letter from USCIS -Candidate in India

11-30-2010, 09:22 PM

My spouse was on H1, the applied for H4 which was approved but he start date was incorrect, so an I102 was applied to get the I-94 corrected , we got the dates incorrect again so the lawyer applied for correct of dates again (October 2010). This whole thing has been going on for an year now.

In the mean time, we had a family emergency and my wife had to go to India , She went on a valid AdvanceParole. ( We have a pending 485 , so got an AP also)

Today we received a mail from USCIS, asking her to attend an interview regarding this I-94 replacement.

. She is not in US
. She submitted all the I94 cards she had at the Aiport

1. Will she have any problem coming back. She was always on Status. NO issues there
2. Is there any way to postpone the interview ?
3. Does it affect my I-485
4. What is the best course of action