View Full Version : URGENT! Emergemcy AP denied! USCIS officer says approved. Online doesn't show!!

11-30-2010, 01:10 AM
Guys, I need help here. me and my wife are waiting for AP since Sep 10 2010. I still have not received the document. I have already used prior AP's 2 times and my H-1B has expired.

- I need to travel to India for my only sister's wedding in 3 days!!
- I submitted expedite request 4 weeks ago but still no movement.
- so finally went to local USCIS office today thru infopass to request emergency AP.
- Officer rejected my request saying wedding is not an emergency!
- But they said system shows that both our AP was approved already and its in production!
- But the online status still shows Initial review!!

Now! what are my options?

I know it is ideal to have an AP in hand while you leave the country.
But this is an emergency to me and I have to be in India in 4 days.
Can I leave and have my lawyer or my friend send the AP to India? (the USCIS officer said so)!
The risk here I am taking is the incorrect AP or AP getting lost in mail!!

I hope my I-485 does not get abandoned! Has anyone gone through this situation?
Please help!