View Full Version : spelling mistake on FP notice for Spouse

03-01-2008, 12:13 PM

I applied AOS in July 07 and was waiting for my and spouse FP till now. Last week I received FP notice for my spouse but her middle name on FP notice is spelled wrong. But her I-485 receipts and EAD are spelled correctly. What do I do ? Do I need to contact them and have it corrected before she appears for the FP appointment. Her FP appointment is next week so there is not much time left. I was thinking , that when she appears for FP appointment to let them know about the spelling mistake.

Members, please share any similar experiences.

My Info:
I-485 applied in July 15 07
PD: May 2006, EB2
FP : still waiting for mine, received my spouse's
center: TSC