View Full Version : 5.1/2 year on H1b & EB2 Question

10-18-2010, 03:02 PM

I'm currently on my amlost 6th year of my H1B. I have my i-140 (Still valid) approved from my previous employer under EB3. I'm applying for a new PERM with my current employer and I would want to apply in EB2. I hold 3ys bachelor's degree with 12 yrs of experience. My attorney says that chances are either my PERM or I-140 will be denied based on my education qualification.

I'm looking for your advice on the following.

1) I heard that I can apply for 3yr extn based on my previous I-140. Considering that is it worth the fight on EB2. I'm looking to port my PD (Nov 2008) to this I140 if approved.
2) My company sponsers two PERM to be applied, so it is worth to try for EB2 and later if denied on EB3. Will this affect my H1B extensions? say if it's get rejected on EB2, am I not eligible to apply for H1B extension with my current employer, since my labor/i-140 is denied.

Please help. I'm just not able to get this over my head :(