View Full Version : 9 weeks after k1 approval, still no visa

10-14-2010, 07:01 PM

My finance had her interview at the consulate 9 weeks ago, at which time they said congratulations, you're approved and you will be receiving your passport back along with the visa in the mail.

They still have not sent her passport back with the visa, and its been 9 weeks since we were there.

I contacted they senator's office and they called the consulate and told her "the visa is in administrative processing" and could offer no further information, nor a time frame of when we can expect to receive that.

There is an email address to the consulate however it goes unanswered. The phone number for the consulate is just a recorded message that says we should expect the visa at the end of 3 weeks. (We are way past that).

Is the 9 weeks+ processing time typical? What is the longest this could take?

Is there any way to find out what exactly is going on and at least get some time of semi-firm time frame?