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08-05-2010, 12:37 PM
am a foreign trained dentist with a US Ms in Health Aministration(MHA). I took up a job with an Orthodontic company. My current employer filed for my H1B under the "Dental Technician" position in 2007. This position does not require Bachelors or MS degree. Within 5 months an opening was available in the company for a research position. I have been transferred to the more professional environment which requires proficient dental knowledge and research skills which requires dental degree and MHA. But I am still under the "Dental Technician" category to date. It is time to renew my H1B visa and they wanted to tranfer me from a "Dental Technician" to a "Clinical research Coordinator" but the company lawyer said it is risky to renew the H1B under another title as this may be subject to approval. I should go ahead with the "Dental Technician" title for my next renewal as well.

My question is:

1. Does this position need to be advertised again to renew my H1B under a different title? Is there a risk of losing my H1B status under a different title?

2. I want to apply for my greencard, but, because of the title I am hired under "Dental Technician" I will fall in the EB3 category. What are my options here?

Would really appreciate your help in addressing these questions.

05-01-2012, 07:07 AM
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