View Full Version : Jobzone5, Level 1 PWD Clarification

07-31-2010, 06:19 AM
Citizenship: India

Job title: Architect (except naval....)
ONET JobZone: 5
PWD (received): Level 1
I-140: EB2 (hopefully)

Recruitment Info-
Position Offered: Architect
Experience: 1 year
Education: Masters degree

1) Does 1 year of experience have to be obtained after my Masters degree or can it be before? I have 4 years of experience with my current employer which i know does not count (unless they prove a business necessity= Audit?).

2) Will I be able to apply for I-140 in EB2 category? Since a Master's degree+1 yr experience is the criteria in the advertisements will I have any problems with the I-140/EB-2 ?

3) Can the employer post specific skills as a mandatory requirement for hire: Eg: Autodesk Revit (software). This is an actual requirement and not a screening measure. I trained the entire office on this program when I joined.

4) What are the chances of getting audited during the Labor Certificaiton process based upon the above info?

We have an attorney helping us out, however, I sometimes get conflicting information from different people in their office. (or it may be the case that I just don't get it!!)
Any clarifications, opinions or experiences would help. :)