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07-30-2010, 09:19 PM
My in-laws got their visa at new delhi consulate on friday. they had appointment in english at new delhi. I had been looking for hindi appt dates at new delhi since june mid every day for 6-7 hours at morning and evening but could not get any hindi dates. Finally, had to book english dates on july 23 for july 30 appointment. here is my in-laws' experience:

first, they had a VO who asked them qs in english with accent. they were not able to understand a thing, so they requested him to ask qs in hindi after which he asked them to go to another counter where a young guy asked them qs in hindi. he was very polite and smiling all the time.

VO: Show me ur daughter's visa
we did not send them my wife's visa since i was sponsoring them.
Dad: We do not have daughter's visa. Here is son-in-law's visa

VO looked at the visa (I-797 and visa stamp copy), checked in computer for 4-5 mins and then asked
VO: Was it an arranged marriage?
Dad: Yes
VO: Tell me more about the process.
Dad: It was arranged marriage. My son-in-law's parents contacted us and then the girl and boy met each other and .....he described the process of arranged marriage.

VO smiled and asked: What do you do?
Dad: I am a businessman.
VO: What kind of business you do?
Dad told about his business

VO: Aapka Visa Manzoor ho gaya hai (Your visa has been approved).

07-30-2010, 10:32 PM
mubarak ho..

07-30-2010, 11:35 PM
hey guys
need a suggestion
my h1 stamping expires on 30th sept
extension has been applied 2 months back.
should parents go for stamping or should i postpone it till i get extension approved.9date is 2nd week of august).