View Full Version : I-140 Approved but Want to Change Job

07-28-2010, 01:44 AM
Hi Folks,

I have a unique situation. Well.. I have been working for a Company A that is owned by my uncle. Iam on H1B in 2nd year and I have my I-140 approved 1 month back. Now I got a new job in another company B with 3 times the current pay of mine. I want to change to the company B.

My uncle said that he will continuing the process of my GC application, under EB2 in his company A. But I want to transfer my H1B only to the new company B, so I can get into the company B's payroll and get benefits. Can someone suggest how we can handle this without messing up with the current GC process with company A. Does changing to company B under new H1B impacts my GC processing. Can we show that the company A is processing my GC under future employement, though I worked for company A before..

Please advise the consequences and my options.. I badly want to work for company B..without stopping my GC processing with company A..

I appreciate your help in advance