View Full Version : How do i know if my dependent is linked ?

07-27-2010, 05:03 PM
Hello Everyone,

My dates are current last month. I added my wife couple weeks back [I couldnt add her earlier as i was not married then]. I got her receipt notices and also fingerprinting. My question is :

is there a way to say that she is linked to my application ?

becuase when I call USCIS, they say: This is separate application and they cant say if it is linked to primary or not.

--> Does receiving receipt notices mean that they accepted her application and linked to primary ?

--> does Fingerprinting appointment means that they accepted her application.

My concern is if my GC is approved and if she is not linked, it would be a problem,I guess.

So, please advise me as to how would i know if she is linked to my application?

please advise