View Full Version : I-485 approvals in order of PD

07-19-2010, 10:14 PM
Hi, I have been noticing on .com that even after the mess-ups in Aug 08 when similar visa bulletin came out and uscis approved lots of cases from 06 ignoring people from 04 and 05, they are not approving cases in pd order even now (well not like before but still bad). I mean how can they approve sep 05 cases before all 03/2005 cases are approved especially if they are all pre-adj and ready (atleast most are). Even though technically anyone until oct 1, 2005 is eligible for visa number, Shouldn't they go in order? This is very unfair given you don't know when they might run out of numbers and TSC is snail paced doing 3-6 approvals a day atmost while NSC is doing tons a day :) Any comments?