View Full Version : My Advance Parole Expired before travelling to India and return with Locale Parole

07-07-2010, 08:59 PM
My AP is valid till January'8th 2010 and "Paroled Till" stamp on my AP document indicates July 27'th 2010.I was in wrong assumption that my advance parole is valid till paroled date. I have travelled to India on April'5th 2010 for an emergency situation and returned to US with LOCALE Parole in Port Of Entry which is valid for 30 days only. Does this cause any issues on my EAD and my 485 processing.

If i apply advance parole what supporting documents i need to post . My I-94 valid till july 31 . Can i send this I-94 along with Advance Parole

My primary applicant has Valid H1B till 2012 and valid 485 status . Can i apply for change the status from EAD to H4

Can someone please advise me what procedure i need to follow now .

07-21-2010, 09:17 PM
Can you please let me know your current situation.
Did u applied for new Advance Parole ? or H4 ?
My wife went to India July 20th. we have applied for AP on May 24th till not received approval. We have applied for Parole and status is pending she left to India. We thought we need Parole to Re-enter (which is Sep 2nd as per our plans).
We are not on H status any more all expired long back.
Can you please let me know out come of your research ?.. my email mukundarao100@yahoo.com


02-07-2011, 02:26 PM
As Lot of folks contacted me for the same question I have posted, let me post my experience on AP.
We have recieved approved parole after the depature to the country but received approval before our return date and document mailed to India and entered on AP.
No questions asked at POE ..
my 2 cents on this.
1. If you are traveling of 1-2 months, Immigration Officers may not check in depth... at POE.
2. If u have applied AP long before (4-6 wks min) your depature date.. guess should be fine..
3. I contacted my attorney and they said .. lot of folks does this mistake and it should not be big of a deal.
4. With my experience.. I have decided to renew our AP before 2-3 months of expiry, every year even if we are not travelling as we do not want to face any more tensions.


02-07-2011, 03:47 PM
The 30 days is the time limit for you to prove that you have legal status

Just file for AP renewal. When you download the forms from USCIS website it will tell you what supporting documents you need

You may have to go back to the POE and show them you have applied for paperwork. I am unsure about the rules regarding this so ask an attorney.

There is no such thing as changing status from AP/EAD to H4. If you have dual status of both , you can travel on either one.

05-02-2011, 10:59 AM
Hello Friends..

I am Joe Martin from Alaska and i am here to get some help from you guys....Actually i want to visit Sri-Lanka in September and i have no knowledge about this AP(Advanced Parole)..So can you please give me a bit information on this...Will it is the required thing to visit a abroad destination or not..??? Thanks in advance..

Joe Martin.

If you have
USA Citizen ship / Green card / Valid Visa - then you dont need AP to re-enter USA.

05-25-2011, 12:50 AM
Hi Bandoru
I m in similar situation as of yours. Could you please help me how move further on this and to get locale parole as well on which should i apply to get an immediate appointement