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07-06-2010, 06:09 PM
Rethinking Immigration Policy in the United States: A Live Web Chat with Darrell West - Brookings Institution (http://www.brookings.edu/events/2010/0707_immigration_chat.aspx)

Arizona’s new immigration law, aimed at increasing enforcement against illegal immigrants, has helped elevate immigration as a key issue leading up to this fall’s congressional elections. While controversial, the law has garnered some support throughout the country, and other states are considering similar measures.

In his new book, Brain Gain, Brookings expert Darrell West argues for rethinking America’s immigration policies, noting that immigration has long benefited the United States, with individuals from all over the world contributing advances in fields ranging from engineering and energy to sports, arts and culture. With this in mind, West recommends a series of immigration reforms to enhance the country’s long-term economic prosperity, innovation and competitiveness.

On Wednesday, July 7, West will be available in a live web chat to answer your questions about his perspective on immigration reform in the United States. The chat will be moderated by Seung Min Kim, assistant editor at POLITICO.

Registration is encouraged but not required. You may submit advance questions to ScoutingReport@Brookings.edu.

07-06-2010, 09:47 PM
that arizonas law needs to stand and it needs to be put in california to put illigals on the run the white house needs to create a deportation budget to get those people back to mexico so the mexican president can deal with them and we can then build our economy without all those crime driven wet backs in our country.

07-06-2010, 11:11 PM
There you go again. These so called educational bigwigs don't seem to understand the word illegal. No illegal alien has ever contributed to engineering and technology in the US. No mexican or Hispanic has ever done that. The solution is not deportation but self deportation. Self deportation can happen only if there is severe workplace enforcement of current law....with long jail times and huge (50K) fine for each violation for employers. This has to be complemented by never electing any democrats in the senate or the house or the White House. They only care about votes even if they have to sell out Americans.

so according to u only those who have contributed to engineering & technology should be allowed to live here..... if you r a citizen then lets apply this rule on u'r forefathers who came here uninvited & illegally.... america will have to dig out u'r illegal forefathers from their graves to deport their graves and then deport u with those graves ..... y? becoz the law says one should not benefit from the crime....... if u'r forefathers committed a crime.... y should u benefit from the crimes of u'r forefathers....

if u'r a fresh immigrant.... then i've a news for u.... just becoz u can type on that stupid keyboard does not make u any more entitled to stay here.... than someone who is undocumented..... texas, new mexico, arizona, california were all part of mexico..... is it not possible that these guys that u'r labeling as undocumented r merely returning to the land of their forefathers that was stolen by u'r forefathers....

07-06-2010, 11:53 PM
these yellowblks and oscarzumarans want to eat cheaply and live on others hardwork by labelling people 'illegal'. stupid! if these 'illegals' are not here who is going to do all the farming, all the cleaning, all the meat processing, all the manual labor? these stupids think that everyday they can have free lunch.

07-07-2010, 09:00 AM

Undocumented (illegal) workers bring down the wages which keeps a lot of citizens from getting the job. The fault lies with the employers. Then again, there are some jobs out there which no citizen wants to work for, especially at daily wages.

Documented (legal) workers also bring down the wages in some cases of exploitation, again by employers. The losers here are both the citizens and the documented aliens.
A decent percent of the legal populace is into STEMM and/or similar areas which helps the economy in ways difficult to quantify but not too difficult to fathom. For example, as a legal immigrant, I just bought a vehicle thus injecting some money into a slow economy.

We need policies that stop employers from exploiting legal or illegal aliens.


While a majority of undocumented workers are hard working people who come to the US for a better life, some of them do pose a threat as they turn to crime.

Legal immigration brings in a cultural and social diversity that enriches the American soil eventually. A lot of these people are hard working people with a desire to do better in life.


Undocumented workers do not bring in anything extra, however, a lot of documented workers are STEMM graduates, some of them from US Universities itself.

The logical approach tells me that it would be unwise (and inhumane) to root out 11 million people's lives and deport them. Since they came here illegally, they should be penalized (in some way, a fine seems appropriate to me) and then given a chance to become US citizens. Of course, they would need to come through proper channels and through the queue. Deport the people with criminal backgrounds. At the same time, we do need a solid border enforcement so that further influx of illegal aliens could be curbed.